Renter Terms and Conditions

Renter Terms and Conditions

Latest Update: 07/10/2018

Renter’s Terms and Conditions

Subscribing as “Renter (Pro or Basic)” and adding your equipment, you agree to this terms and conditions between you and Digital Cinema Crew and Privacy Policy.  If you do not want to agree to our rules, you must not use Digital Cinema Crew.

 Please take these rules seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. We will do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think is best in each situation.

What we will expect from you as Renter

1. Keep your equipment cleaned, tested and fully functional. If you notice some aesthetic damage, just make sure you show the customer.
2. Make sure you fill all the rental informations during the product upload on the platform.
3. Only accept requests you intend to proceed with. Your customer is depending on you and on your equipment.
4. Renters will remember the extra care and effort you put in. Your service is your reputation.
5. Don’t try to take transactions or messaging outside the site. Don’t encourage others to breach our Terms of Use.
6. Become friend of other owner and cooperate together to insure the customer to have the best quality service in your area.

Accurate and Complete Personal Profile

A member of the website who is a Renter must provide to fill in all the fields required in his profile. If the informations are not complete, the site may suspend the loading of the list in the case of the Equipment Owner or suspend an order in the case of the Customer.


Registration will take place only after appropriate verification by the website. Digital Cinema Crew, even if it is very rare, can suspend a Customer who does not behave according to the community rules, suspending any existing order or equipment reservation.

Payments & Commissions

You’ll get paid the 95% of price product if you have a Pro profile or the 80% of price product if you have a Basic profile. 5% and 20% are the DCC community fees for the owner.

Rental Process

You must provide rental informations and accurate description of what you are renting, adding a real picture of what you are renting. The rental price for the equipment will be suggested by you, but can’t be too much low respect the local marketplace price, so the website will contact you to discuss on this aspect. The customer needs to understand clearly what is getting from a product booking. Any misunderstanding will end up in the booking cancellation and the customer will get money back. Once you get an order on the website, you need to respond on availability and confirm the price or apply some discount. The customer will pay the order within maximum 5 days by the remter confirmation and he comes to pickup the equipment the day before the rental and drop-off  the day after the end of rental. Timing will be decided by the customer and the owner. During the check-in and check-out  process if some damage will be notice, it needs to be reported to the website via email at Pick-up and drop-off days are free of charge for the customer.

Load and Unload

After confirming an order, you must arrange directly with the Customer for the collection and return of the material.

Insurance Policy and Rules

As Renter, is really important to not rent equipment without the right guarantees. Digital Cinema Crew takes care a lot of  to this aspect. Renters, usually, have their own insurance policy, but sometime they don’t. So on the website is possibile to decide to not apply insurance to the customer, if you have your own insurance policy, or apply the website insurance to the customer (in this case the customer will leave a deposit through an authorization on his credit card), or the customer can present to the website and the owner his own third-party insurance. You can decide also that the equipment can be rented always with the owner, as a crew member or as rental technician. Without insurance coverage in general is not possible to rent on this platform. Website Insurance policy in general covers the totally the damage, but not completely the theft. For more information please contact our support.


The equipment owner will be protected according to the insurance procedures established by him or by the customer. If the customer has taken out insurance with the website, the deposit will be used (in whole or in part) for damage coverage. If the customer has used his insurance, the website will not be responsible for insurance operations, but it will support the customer and the owner to solve the problem. In the case owner’s insurance, it is the responsibility of the Customer and Owner to solve the problem. In the case of deposit due to lack of insurance coverage, the website will support the establishment of the quotas required for damages.
In none of the cases, the website is responsible for damage to equipment, but only as guarantor for intermediary payments, able to provide documents to the insurance and to treat the deposits for the protection of equipment.


If the equipment has been stolen during a rental Digital Cinema Crew is not responsible for stolen parts or complete equipment, but it will work with law enforcement and insurance to produce informations about the incident and the parties involved. The website insurance covers the theft but only under certain conditions (see the conditions sheet). In any case, legal measures will be taken to protect the owner of the equipment.

Rental Cancellation

Customers can cancel a Listing rental request before it is accepted, or within 2 hours of making the request and the cancellation is free. If the Customer cancels within one week before the rental day, he will be refunded of 100%. If he cancels within 72 hours before the rental pick-up date, they will receive a 50% refund. If all other cases, the customer will lose his money up to 100%. This percentage is at Owner’s discretion.

 In the event that the owner makes a cancellation, or if he causes a cancellation by the customer, the 100% of the paid amount will be returned to the customer.

Money transfers & Complaints

Renters could receive their commissions after 24 hours from the 1st day of rental, automatically on their Connected Stripe Account (remember to sign-in Stripe and connect to our platform in order to receive your payments). In case of complaints by customers within 24 hours from the starting day of the rental, the commission will be hold by until the problem is clarified and solved.

Renters have to report to any damage to their equipment within 48 hours from the rental end day, in order to proceed with insurance procedures. After 48 hours from the rental end day, in case of no damage report or complaints by the owner/customer, will consider the rental process closed and it will be no longer responsible on rented equipment or in any problems between Renter and Customer.

Digital Cinema Crew as your Agent

Uploading your equipment on this platform, as Equipment Owner, you agree to give Digital Cinema Crew the task to get money for you and receive back after each rental operation. You agree to use Digital Cinema Crew services, as promotion and advertising of your skill and personal contacts, inside crew profile and owner profile.

Fees and VAT Rules

On this platform, the prices are shown without VAT. The Vat will applied as soon the customer will complete the order. VAT amount can change, just depend by where the rental operations are done and by owner shop’s rules.