Customer Terms and Conditions

Customer Terms and Conditions

Latest Update: 06/01/2018

Customer’s Terms and Conditions

By signing up as a “Customer” and renting equipment, you adhere to these terms and conditions and any other documents on this site including the “Owner Terms and Conditions” and the “Privacy Policy”. These documents govern the use of the website for both the host user and the registered user (by Customer or by Equipment Owner).

 Read this regulation carefully before renting the equipment on the site.

What we expect from the customer

1. Keep the rented equipment well maintained, clean and without damaged parts. Any aesthetic damage must be reported when unloading. The equipment must be fully functional as delivered by the HUB or as delivered to you by his owner
2. The rented equipment must be used by you and in your possession. If you are renting equipment for someone else, contact us first
3. Do not use rented equipment in such a way as to ruin it and make it unrepairable. Do not remove parts or modify it. (So that can be covered by insurance in case of damage)

Accurate and Complete Personal Profile

A member of the site that is an Equipment Owner or a Customer must provide to fill in all the fields required in his profile. If the informations are not complete, the site may suspend the loading of the list in the case of the Equipment Owner or suspend an order in the case of the Customer.


Registration will take place only after appropriate verification by the website. Digital Cinema Crew, even if it is very rare, can suspend a Customer who does not behave according to the community rules, suspending any existing order or equipment reservation.

Website Commission

If you make your rentals by your own and without the intervention of any of our support team, the website will charges your rentals up to 15% of the whole rental cost. If you need and use our support team for your orders, the website may charge your rentals with different fees.

Payment Methods and Rental Process

The Site exclusively provides for payment through the use of Credit Cards. The first step is to check the availability of the desired material by clicking on the appropriate button at the end of the check-out. After confirmation of availability from the owner of the equipment, you can complete the order from your personal area (My Account Page). You have to Pay the full amount of the order before the first day of rental. Any deposits will be required before loading the rented equipment.
We require that all transactions remain and pass through the site using our system to avoid frauds and in order to have more control and guarantee of payments.


You will have to deliver clean equipment for each rental.

The rentals

At the time of acceptance of a quote/rental order you can collect the equipment the day before the rental at the nearest HUB or at the owner of the equipment and the delivery will take place within the next day the end of the rental. The day before and the day after the rental are not economically counted by the system as they are loading and unloading days.

Load and Unload

The Customer, after confirming an order, must arrange directly with the owner of the equipment for the collection and return of the material.


Digital Cinema Crew takes care a lot of this. The Owner of the Equipment can decide the insurance conditions on the rented equipment. These are the different scenarios for the Customer:
1) The customer, through digitalcinemacrew, will stipulate a policy with the insurance company of the website
2) He will provide the site, and consequently the owner, a valid policy stipulated with his personal insurance company
3) In the event that the rented material was covered by an insurance company registered to the owner, Customer and Owner will agree on terms and payments
4) In the event that it is not possible to insure the rented material, a deposit will be required in order to protect the owner from any damage. The amount of this deposit will be at the discretion of the Owner

 Where it is provided, a deposit will be required on the rented material, withheld from the site itself, which will be returned to the customer if the material has no damage.
Insurance conditions and security deposits are necessary conditions to rent on

Insurance Coverage Verification and Guarantees

If there are damages at the time of the unloading, the owner will be protected according to the insurance procedures established by him or by the customer. If the customer has taken out insurance with the website, the deposit will be used (in whole or in part) for damage coverage. If the customer has used his insurance, the website will not be responsible for insurance operations, but it will support the customer and the owner to solve the problem. In the case owner’s insurance, it is the responsibility of the Customer and Owner to solve the problem. In the case of deposit due to lack of insurance coverage, the website will support the establishment of the quotas required for damages.
In none of the cases, the website is responsible for damage to equipment, but only as guarantor for intermediary payments, able to provide documents to the insurance and to treat the deposits for the protection of equipment.


If the equipment has been stolen during a rental you must contact the website immediately. Digital Cinema Crew is not responsible for theft of parts or complete equipment, but it will work with law enforcement and insurance to produce information about the incident and the parties involved. The website insurance covers the theft but only under certain conditions (see the conditions sheet). In any case, legal measures will be taken to protect the Owner of the Equipment.


If you wish to cancel an order already confirmed, you can do so within 2 hours from the rental request and up to 7 days before the start date of the rental, unless the owner has established stricter cancellation conditions. If you cancel within these limits you will be refunded the 100% of the rental value, but you will lose the website commissions. If you cancel within 72 hours from the rental start date you will lose the 50% of the paid amount. Beyond that period, in addition to website commissions, you will lose up to the 100%. This percentage will be established at the discretion of the Equipment Owner.

 In the event that the owner makes a cancellation, or if he causes a cancellation by the customer, the 100% of the paid amount will be returned to the customer, including the website commissions.

You don’t show up at the unload or you’re late

If you do not show up for the return of the material or you do it late, the website may charge you additional costs in proportion to the delay.

Deposits & Complaints

Customers have to report to any problems or equipment issue within 24 hours from the rental starting day, in order to proceed for refunds and to find solutions. After 24 hours from the rental starting day will be no longer responsible for any complaints on rented equipment.

 Any deposit left for insurance policies will be released after 48 hours from the rental end day, if no damage or problem is reported by the equipment owner.


Digital Cinema Crew advises you to carefully read the insurance conditions sheet so as to become aware of and understand the terms of the insurance policy.