Kessler Second Shooter Plus Kit

140€/day - 420€/5days

Kessler Second Shooter Plus Kit


Kessler CineSlider 1mt (Il CineSlider della Kessler Crane è un mini dolly robusto e compatto, adatto a camcorder con un peso fino a 36 Kg.)
Second Shooter pacchetto 3- Axis ( Slider Motor, Pan/Tilt Head, & PLUS Controller) SENZA Camera Control Cable
MagPak batteries + charger
AC adapter
All relevant cables

Pan Axis: 50 lbs. (23 Kg) on center
Tilt Axis: 10 lbs. (4,2 Kg) (at 3.5″ center of gravity)
Slider Motor: 15 lbs ( 6,8 Kg)
Slider Motor con slider in verticale: 10 lbs ( 4,2 Kg)

Pan Axis 25 degrees/second (10 lb. Load)
Tilt Axis : 25 degrees/second (10 lb. Load)

Additional information

Weight 3600 kg


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