Crew Terms and Conditions

Crew Terms and Conditions

Latest Update: 02/11/2018

Crew’s Terms and Conditions

Subscribing yourself as “Crew member”, you agree to this document and any other document on this website, including “Owner’s Terms and Conditions”,  “Customer’s Terms and Conditions and “Privacy Policy”. This documents are the website rules, for the user signed (owner/customer/crew) and the guest too.

Pay attention to those rules before to rent the equipment on the website.

What is the "Crew" profile

1. You will insert and have published your artistic data and part of your personal data, in a page called “custom profile” inside the crew section of the website. (name, surname, work position, country, description, showreel, location available for work, contacts, telephone, email, review)
2. Access to E-Learning area (Coming soon with some free contents and premium contents)
3. Job opportunity coming from Digital Cinema Crew network
4. ZERO commission on your work
5. FREE subscription for the first year and if you want to renew, you will pay 59,00 euro  for the second year
6. Access to the download section on the website 
7. SEO for your profile, to have international visibility

Digital Cinema Crew’s Responsibility

Digital Cinema Crew advertise your profile, but we don’t intermediate on job offers. So we don’t have any responsibility on the work. The business is between you and the customer. If there will be some trouble, the website will just share the informations that have between the parts.


Digital Cinema Crew is a cinema dedicated website so you can subscribe as crew member only if you work in this field. If you don’t,  you will be in touch with our support who  will verify your requirement. If the feedback will be negative, your subscription request will be denied.

Payments and Annual fees

The Crew profile is free of charge the first year, so you have the possibility to test our website. By the second year the price will be 59 euro/year.

Crew Privacy Policy

All the data you will insert as crew profile, will handle in this way: Name, Surname, Phone, City, Email, Profile Picture, Job position, Website, CV will be public and used just for promotional purpose.
Id, Address, born date, will be private. Everything is stored on our dedicated server. When your account expire, your data will stay on our server in private way. To get completely deleted from our server, send an email to