Riccardo Casiccia

One of my first project was the documentary “Price is Rice” that investigated women’s jobs in the textile industry in Bangladesh in 2011. I undertook various tasks in a large amount of projects on set, mainly as a camera operator and cinematographer.
n 2014, I worked in quality of DOP for the short film “L’Orrido” that has been awarded the first prize at the Filmlakers.
As a filmmaker, with a lot different works with After Effects skills in motion graphic, compositing and color correction and trough DaVinci Resolve software I understood better how to manage, respect and deliver the finest image quality throughout all my projects.
In 2019, I signed as DOP the short sci-fi film “Talking to Control” which had an international recognition bringing me to Oxaca, Mexico for the 10th Oaxaca Film Festival. Today, I continue to work as a freelance filmmaker in Milan.

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My Latest Works

DOP, Camera and CC for fashion movie “EGGSHELL” for Vogue – waiting for publish
DOP and Camera for short movie “Talking to control”
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