About Us

About Us


Digital Cinema Crew is

a professional film crew community, who shares skills and equipment for shooting.

The life motive is the creation of a network for new connections, to get local resources, throughout the national and international territory, which simplifies the production process and gives the possibility to get equipment and crew locally in a fast, easy and safe way.

Human relationships are the key for the success of this community and knowing who to locally hire, especially when you are away from your area, is the secret recipe of this website, that solves a lot of production problems.

Digitalcinemacrew.com, for this purpose, offers a showcase of verified professionals for each department of expertise, complete with biography, C.V., showreel, etc. and a specific area dedicated to the cinema equipment rentals (cameras, grip, accessories, lighting, etc…),  connecting directly the customer with the crew and with the equipment owner.

The website has consulting services, insurance services and deposit for rentals, to protect its users. 


On the website there are Clients and Equipment Owners. DCC is industry networking and a crew and equipment rental marketplace. New friendship and work partnership are born every day.

Completed & Sorted

Everything you'll find on DCC is managed, sorted and easy surfable. The Database is updated daily. DCC is tool that let you prepare a production quote in a easy way.


Renting stuff, is always a delicate situation. We take care to collect informations and deposit to insure always safe rentals.


Trough rentals you can get earnings and pay back your equipment. The client save money getting a lot of choice to get the proper solution for the proper budget.


Equipment on the website are marked by locations. You can search by locations.


Clients and Owners, if they want, can go to a local HUB, for pick up and drop off. They will meet our DCC rental technician. This feature is not available yet.


Training is another important website feature. Learing area will provide to the users: equipment tests, reviews, scenes breakdown and everything shared by GURU owners and crew.


DCC will bring a lot of benefits to everybody, thanks to the ADV and marketing department, who will take care through SEO campaigns to promote DCC users and their equipment visibility to the market.



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